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Using our rewards package the average household in the UK can save more than they pay.

The average household in the UK as of 2017 is 2.4 according to the Office of National Statistics.

Components of household expenditure from UK, financial year ending 2020Per YearDiscount Using Llama RewardsSavings Per Year
Food and Non-alcoholic Drinks £3286.924% £127.76
Alcoholic Drinks & Tobacco excl Narcotics £665.644% £26.83
Clothing and Footwear £1253.8810% £125.90
DIY £345.7211% £125.90
Furniture and Furnishings £856.5610% £85.66
Floor Coverings and Household Textiles £283.8011% £31.22
Household Appliances£149.6420%£29.93
Glassware, Tableware and Household utensils£92.884%£3.72
Tools and Equipment for Household utensils£283.8011%£31.22
Goods and services for household maintenance (excluding domestic services etc)£283.804%£6.19
Glasses, lenses and accessories £92.8830% £27.86
Airfares £366.3617% £62.28
Audio-visual, photographic and information processing equipment £232.28% £18.58
TV, video and computers £149.648% £12.28
Other recreational items and equipment, gardens and pets £660.4811% £72.65
Cinemas £41.2840% £16.51
Live Entertainment £87.725% £4.39
Newspapers, books and stationery £283.8011% £31.22
Package Holidays £1,419.0017% £241.23
Restaurant and Café Meals £1,042.3210% £104.23
Accommodation Services £598.5617% £101.76
Toilet paper £51.604% £2.06
Toiletries and soap £134.165% £6.71
Baby toiletries and accessories (disposable) £30.964% £1.24
Hair products, cosmetics and electrical appliances for personal care £247.687% £17.34
Personal effects £16.727% £15.17
 Total Per Year £13,457.28  £1,283.19
  • Per month figures from appropriate components of household expenditure from UK, financial year ending 2020 from the latest Office of National Statistics Report.
  • Discounts accurate as of the 08/04/2021, discounts may increase or decrease as providers offerings change.
  • Some rewards may not be available during the COVID-19 Pandemic but many still are available allowing you to continue saving.

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*Some rewards may not be available during the COVID-19 Lockdown, but many still are available allowing you to continue saving.