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*Some rewards may not be available during the COVID-19 Lockdown, but many still are available allowing you to continue saving.


Why Llama Life Rewards?

Llama Life Rewards amazing Onlien portal

Online Portal

Simple online portal easy to use on any device.

Llama Life Rewads 3000 amazing deals

Over 900+ Deals

Over 900+ deals on High Street brands, and the option to use online or offline.

Save over a £1000 a year with Llama Life Insruance

Save More than you Pay

With so many rewards you can save more than you pay.

Get Rewards 24/7

Get your rewards 24/7 use them any day of the week.

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About Llama Life Rewards

Along with great life insurance, with Llama Life Rewards, we give you a fantastic package of everyday rewards, on everyday brands.

We know money is tight, so we give you a rewards package that can save YOU money on everyday things.

Over 900+ discounts & deals including on:

Brands Blocks with Llama Life Rewards