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How we are doing things DIFFERENTLY...

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Other companies require you to fill in a long boring form. (Sometimes by hand…) But we don’t! We only ask 5 SIMPLE questions (online too)

Other companies tell you the amount you need to pay…

With us 

You choose the Amount YOU want to pay for the amount of cover YOU want. As it should be!

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Many companies require doctors reports to get life insurance.

That’s a touch nosey, (doctors are pretty busy too…)

So, there are NO MEDICALS with Llama Life’s online cover!

Don’t you hate it when rewards can only be used on days you want to stay in.

We do too!

With Llama Life Rewards you can use them 7 DAYS a week. (Reclaim the weekend!) With rewards that can save you over £1,200 A YEAR!


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Many companies make you wait months for their rewards.

We don’t think its fair to keep you waiting.

So with us, you get your rewards STRAIGHT AWAY, no qualifying periods.

Whats the point in getting a reward you can only use once?

Single use gifts are bit 1990s…

You get access to Llama Life Rewards for YEARS, and you can use them EVERYDAY, choosing the rewards you want. Rewards that can save you over £1,200 A YEAR!

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Other insurers require you to spend ages on the phone going over your personal finances and your family medical history.

We don’t!

That’s why our online cover can be obtained IN MINUTES, great huh?

Some insurers want to make you “earn” your rewards.

We know you already deserve them…

Thats why you get INSTANT access to rewards that can save you over £1,200 a YEAR.

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What brand is that says the young women holding her hands out Llama Life Difference

Some rewards packages are with brands you have never heard of. (Touch impractical).

We know that you already have brands you like and trust,

So our rewards are with hundreds of retailers you will ALREADY KNOW. Big supermarkets, High Street Brands and special deals. Nice right?

Other insurers have loads of questions about your family medical history and your lifestyle.

That’s pretty personal.

Our online cover only has 5 SIMPLE questions about YOU, (not your mothers brother).

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Man witj phone showing discounts savings and rewards coming out of it from Llama Life

Llama Life was created to give you CHOICE;

  • CHOICE in the amount of COVER you want

  • CHOICE in the AMOUNT you pay

  • CHOICE in how you USE the rewards

  • CHOICE in WHEN you use the rewards

  • CHOICE in the amount of SAVINGS YOU make

And we have made it FAST, SIMPLE and EASY for you.

The Llama Life Difference

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Quality Life Insurance

Our life insurance is powered by Cignpost Life, the provider of instant online life insurance.

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It’s Affordable

You pick your budget and cover amount. Giving you a flexible option to suit your finances.

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Super Rewards

Access to thousands of everyday rewards with Llama Life Insurance which can save you over £1,200 a year!

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It’s Quick and Easy

Get an instant quote online and immediate cover in minutes. No call centres, no kidding!

Start saving today with fantastic rewards