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LEvel Cover with Llama Life Insurance

Level Term Life Cover

Here the cover amount (total amount paid to your dependents) that you set, stays the same for as long as you have the policy.

Thats it’s, nothing changes.

Decreasing Term Cover

This cover type is often taken out to protect a mortgage. The amount that pays out decreases over time. 

The cover is cheaper from the beginning than a level policy.

Decreasing cover with Llama Life Insurance
Icnreaing cover image with Llama Life Insurance

Increasing Term Cover

This one is a bit more technical. Here the amount that is paid out goes up each year, the price you pay also increases. 

This is to minimise the impact of inflation on your pay out amount.

Reasons to choose Llama Life...

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It’s Quick and Easy

Get an instant quote online and immediate cover in minutes. No call centres, no kidding!

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It’s Affordable

You pick your budget and cover amount. Giving you a flexible option to suit your finances.

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Super Rewards

Access to thousands of everyday rewards with Llama Life which can save you more than you pay.

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Quality Life Insurance

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