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Rewards You Deserve

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The Reward You Deserve

When was the last time you got the reward you deserve? At Llama Life our rewards are designed to give you savings you notice day to day.

Why You Deserve Rewards

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Companies spend fortunes to get you to come into their shops or use their services. Most of it of goes to things that have no direct benefit to you. You deserve to be rewarded for choosing a company.

How Our Rewards Work

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Our reward offer takes part of what they would spend on advertising and gives it directly to you. This means you get the saving you deserve and they receive the benefit of your custom. It is a win-win.

One of our purposes (aside from being our client’s champions for rewards) is to help British people receive life cover UK people have. Llama Life has affordable premiums and an excellent reward package.

Where Do You Get Our Rewards

We do this through online portal for Llama Life customers (with premiums over £8 a month), it has hundreds of retailers offering amazing discounts. The average family can save over £1000 a year with weekly shops, days out and much much more!

You pay for live cover and get access to the rewards you deserve… again a win-win.

Life Insurance and Instant Rewards

Llama Life Rewards offers a day-to-day rewards package with quick life cover that completes in minutes and from just £8 a month.

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