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Life Cover and Benefits

Life Cover and Benefits

Too many British people are uninsured, Llama Life was founded to try and ensure as many people can get affordable life cover (from £8 pounds) easily (5-minute process). We wanted ensure they receive the benefits that help them day-to-day. Giving them life cover and benefits quickly.

Why Life Cover?

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Life cover can pay out enough to clear large debts such as mortgages, pay for living costs for children and more assist a grieving family in the time of most need. Unfortunately, many processes for taking out life cover is stressful, sometimes taking hours with huge forms and many people avoid it or drop off.

Our Process

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We worked from the beginning to ensure that the process was stress free and easy as possible. Within 5 minutes most people can receive a level of cover they control for affordable premiums.

What Benefits?

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Our founders looked for a model of benefits that would allow our clients to make savings that could possibly exceed the premiums paid. We believe we have found this with our rewards package that includes major supermarkets, retailers and coffee shops.

Instant Llama Life Rewards

Llama Life Rewards is an online portal for Llama Life customers (with premiums over £8 a month), it has hundreds of retailers offering amazing discounts. The average family can save over £1000 a year with weekly shops, days out and much much more!

Life Insurance and Instant Rewards

Llama Life Rewards offers a day-to-day rewards package with quick life cover that completes in minutes and from just £8 a month.

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