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UK Coupons, What You Need to Know

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UK Coupons What You Need to Know

Need to know about UK coupons? Find out here what they are, how they have changed over the years, where to get them and much much more!

What is a coupon?

A Coupon is “A voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product.” (As defined by Lexico.com)

Businesses use coupons to incentivise people to buy or use their services, the business gains a price conscious consumer (who may not have used it before), exposure and the customer gets a discount. Win-win!

Historical UK Coupon Use

First Coupon

Coupons are historically linked to Coco-Cola, who gave away vouchers for free drinks to Americans in the 19th century. In the early 2000’s people often received “junk mail” and coupons through the door. They could be found on the back of receipts and in newspapers and magazines. People could also purchase coupon books, a small book with great discounts.

Since the rise of mobile internet these traditional ways have stopped being so relevant, people can now find it harder to access deals.

3 Current ways to get UK Coupons

1. Coupon Code Sites

Women trying to find UK coupons on voucher site and not seeing them.

Coupon code sites take down e-codes and allow you to search by business. However these codes are often out of date or difficult to find ones that are relevant to you.

2. Group Discount Sites

Women not happy with Group Discount sites one off deals

These sites offer specific deals and discounts for people to buy coupons to get the deal. Although you can find amazing deals, they are often “one off” events, paint-balling, eating out at a specific restaurant etc…

3. Llama Life Rewards

Llama Life Rewards is an online portal for Llama Life customers (with premiums over £8 a month), it has hundreds of retailers offering amazing discounts. The average family can save over £1000 a year with weekly shops, days out and much much more!

Life Insurance and Instant Rewards

Llama Life has instant rewards accessible through an online portal.

These instant rewards can save you over £1000 a year, which can save you more than you pay.

Llama Life Rewards offers a day-to-day rewards package with quick life cover that completes in minutes and from just £8 a month.

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