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Shopping is Changing, You Have the Power

Shopping Is Changing, You Have The Power!

Shopping is changing, before you needed to rely on salespeople who might even change the price (or upgrade the product) to what they thought you could pay. Now with shopping changing, you have the power! 

You can research the price before you go into a store and often customers know more about the product, they are buying than the sales team. This is a complete flip from what used to happen 15 years ago, when customers had to almost entirely rely on the sales team for help for many purchases.

Your Power – Better High Street Deals

Women punching air, you have the power

You can pick and choose. High street stores are still great for convenience. If you don’t want to spend hours researching a product and prices, the sales team can be a dream come true. They know you can go online, often they work harder to give you the best deal and explain why.

Amazing choice

Women pointing around, Shopping is changing

ess than 100 years ago only 6% of people in the UK had access to electricity, and it cost a week’s wages to keep 5 lightbulbs on. People bought almost everything from local shops, by giving the clerk a list who would collect the items and give them back to them. (Or at market stalls, which thankfully we still have in some places!)

Now we are truly living in the future with the ability to purchase anything from apples to boats and have them delivered. However, this amazing choice can make it difficult to decide and we go for the easiest option over the one best suited for us.

Your Power – More Time to Consider

Man with time out sign, you have the power

Putting some thought into what you are buying and remember you don’t have to buy it now. It is easier than ever to end up spending more on products you don’t need. Take some time out to consider if you really want the product, if you change your mind you can get it later!

No More Catalogues

Women reading catalog, Shopping is changing

They used to come through the door regularly! Catalogues with everything from toys to the latest fridge freezer from Japan. You would select what you wanted (sometimes even posting a cheque) and it would arrive weeks later. Many children would stare for hours at the toys and game systems on display imagining what they are like (fathers often at gardening equipment…)

The days of the humble catalogue are now over, and “unboxing” review videos are enormously popular showing us not only the latest products, they show the flaws and highpoints of each item. 

Your Power – Know about a product without buying it

Women using psychic power, you have the power

You can see into the future and know what a product is truly like, looking at online unboxing reviews. You can get a real overview of a product, you can even see how long it lasts in a blender…

No More Coupons

Before you would buy a coupon book, cut them out from newspapers or have coupons delivered through your door. These coupons could save you hundreds of pounds a month, 2 for 1 meals and movies, savings at the supermarket and even on holidays.

Now coupons do not come through your door regularly and getting savings is a hodgepodge of one-off deals and random emails. It can almost be a full-time job pulling together the deals that used to come through your door.

Your Power – One Site

Now you can get the benefits of coupons with your daily shop with our Llama Life Rewards. You not only can save on your everyday shop at major supermarkets, you can save on days out, movies even holidays. We have worked hard to make a simple system that allows you to save.

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