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What’s the deal with life insurance?

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So what's deal with life insurance...

Most people will never claim on their life insurance, though they would benefit from having the protection (just in case)... but what is the deal with life insurance?

How does it work?

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Life insurance pays out a lump sum on death or on diagnosis of terminal illness so those covered can arrange their affairs whilst still around.

Who Gets It?

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Many people get sold life insurance by a salesperson when at a bank, when getting their mortgage or as an add on to another product.

Problem is the UK is underinsured for life cover and many unexpected deaths can cause uninsured families serious financial consequences on top of grief.

Why Bother

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The financial consequences of losing a loved one are often far more serious than many know. The Bereavement Support Payment from the government is only 18 monthly instalments of £350 or £100 and a one-off payment of £3500 or £2500.

This often doesn’t cover…

Housing costs

The rent and mortgages and bills still need to be paid, the average mortgage is (£130,000) and rent is £959, neither are likely to go down anytime soon.

Credit cards and loans

Average credit cared debt in the UK is £2,655 with an annual cost of £459, this doesn’t even include car and personal loans.


Full time childcare costs on average £252 per week or £1084 per month– yet another expense your Life Insurance could cover.

Getting life cover also used to be a pain, but we changed that.

Life Insurance and Immediate Rewards

Llama Life has immediate rewards accessible through an online portal.

These immediate rewards can save you over £1000 a year, which can save you more than you pay.

Llama Life Rewards offers a day-to-day rewards package with quick life cover that completes in minutes and from just £8 a month.

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