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When you get that bargain!

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Why does it feel so good when you get a bargain? We had a look into the research to find out why we go bananas for bargains.

The Thrill of the Hunt

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Our brains go into an excited hunting mode when looking for deals. The anticipation of finding the bargain releases chemicals making us focused. Like a prehistoric person looking for a bush of delicious berries, you anticipate the reward and enjoy the hunt.

Makes you feel good

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Studies indicate that our brains release more chemicals when we find a bargain, giving us a reward buzz when we see it. When the prehistory person finds the bush of berries in a meadow full of bushes, with more berries than possible to eat, massive reward for bargain-seeking behaviour. 

See here for some excellent consumer advice tips from Citizens Advice.

Sharing the News

Women with loudspeaker and sunglasses sharing the news - Llama Life

Ever wonder why we love sharing stories of a bargain. Again, think of the prehistory person, going back to the group and telling them about the fantastic berry bush meadow. Not only receiving kudos but sharing the knowledge of where they are and how they were found.

We love sharing stories of bargains as in pre-history this helped our ancestors survive. Looking for bargains, finding them and sharing the knowledge. Now the entire group is not only better at getting bargains, they get that warm feeling of helping eachother.

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The Basket

Basket of freshly picked strawberries - Llama Life Basket of bargain

At Llama Life we consider ourselves the basket that holds the berries, we love sharing the deals we find and help our clients save that little bit extra day to day.

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