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Howzat a bargain!

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HOWZAT a Bargain

Humans brains are tricksy things, we see 99p and think it is much less than £1 even though we know (practically speaking) it most cases it is not! Our love of bargains can overcome our common sense, here is a quick look at some things which aren’t the bargains they appear to be.

£799.99 is £800

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When we see the £799.99 we focus on the most prominent number £700 our subconscious sees that and not the £800 it is closer to. This works so well you see it on everything from soup cans to cars.

What to do?

We see this everywhere, one way to get around it (on big ticket buys) is to add £1.05 to each item when comparing them. £799 becomes £800.5 and the £800 becomes £801.05, this allows you to compare different items on their merits. Allowing you to really get the right bargain!

Bargains You Can’t Use

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Save 40% on vintage painting restoration or get 40 points that add up to a toaster (when you already have 2) or free a dog walking lessons when you buy 6. We can be tempted into paying for something we are not actually interested in. Bargains you can’t use.

Watch for

Consider if you will actually use any add on bargains, or if the “free” add on is just luring you into something you don’t need or won’t use.

Taking It on Credit

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We did not evolve to understand what loans or credit are. When you buy on credit it is almost like it is free (for a bit) and it can be easy to take on more than you would if you paid upfront. Sometimes they come with balloon payments at the end (many car loans for instance do).

What to do?

Look at the total cost of the items over the payment period, consider that as an entire amount. It can be worth removing yourself from the place of sale before making a decision, for a cup of coffee or tea to think about it. 

What about Llama Life?

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